Meet the Team

Our crazy wacky passionate group of leader elves that ensures the Spokane Fantasy Flight happens each year.
Each one brings a unique skill, talent and passion every day to the North Pole
and some
well, they just bring an extra dose of crazy!

Bernie Claus

President & CEO (Chief Elf Officer)

Santa’s nephew and North Pole CEO
The Claus family resemblance is noticeable


Vice President & Chief Prankster

If there’s trouble .. he’s in it!
If there’s chaos .. he caused it!
If there’s a sad heart .. he mends it!

Mrs. Claus


Founded with her deepest passion of “I Believe” in you!
And, makes a darn good cup of cocoa, too



Counts the cookies daily
Is known for obvious sugar control issues


Board Member

Makes certain every gift is perfect! Bernie’s staff manager


Chief of the Winter Wonderland Guard Patrol

Chief guard of mischievous elves
and one known prankster


Executive Manager of Visiting Dignitaries

Santa wants all his guests to feel welcomed!
Jet makes certain everyone feels like a VIP
..even a member of Santa’s Guard patrol!


Flight Operations Manager

Responsible for all North Pole flights
Sleigh, Reindeer, and 1 specially invited flight

Fantasy Flight in Spokane, Washington and the North Pole December 14, 2019. (Photo by Rajah Bose)


Baking Quality Control

Takes a personal interest in each and every cookie
Sampling is a requirement of the job .. somebody has to do it!


Kitchen Spice Specialist

Passionate that every single item from the kitchen is perfectly seasoned


Nap Time manager

Ensures all elves take schedule naps
Hasn’t missed one in 924 year


Santa’s Legal Counsel

Keeps this crazy crew out of Coal Jail