Backpack Extravaganza

Each child receives their first gift upon arriving at the Flight 1225 boarding gate.

Planned items for 2023:

  • Heavy duty, multi-compartment backpack to carry treasures of necessity and delight.
  • Red embroidered Believe hat and scarf to ensure a child is warm when cold days arrive.
  • Pair of warm, weatherproof gloves, fit to their specific size and preference.
  • A whimsical pair of socks to start their days with a smile.
  • School supplies to ensure each child has the necessary support items to succeed; Notebooks of paper, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, colored pencils, folders, and glue.
  • High-lumen flashlight, sized to fit a child’s small hand to guide their way home safely.
  • Compact umbrellas to turn rainy days into dry ones
  • Fidget keychains and toys to entertain idle hands.
  • Children’s sunglasses for protection on sunny days.